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Hydrolyzed yeast functionalities in pet nutrition

Hydrolyzed yeast functionalities in pet nutrition

Acknowledged since ancient Egypt, the global yeast market has witnessed steady growth over the last few years due to the rising consumption of processed food products, alcohol intake, and elevated awareness about the nutritive value of yeast. Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae is the predominant microorganism species used in food, beverage, and bakery items, but also feed production processes thanks to its exceptional fermentative and nutritional capacities.

In the last decades, a large number of scientific studies have shown that yeast and its derivatives may provide beneficial effects on animal health. Nowadays, yeast products are extensively used in the pet food industry as functional ingredients, taste enhancers, providers of nutraceutical compounds (i.e. β-glucans, mannan-oligosaccharides, nucleotides), highly concentrated sources of bioavailable selenium as well as an alternative protein source. Due to the growing popularity of using yeast-based products, it becomes crucial to be able to select the right strain with the ideal production process, the optimal composition, and the desired functional properties.

At the Third International Animal Nutrition Science Congress in Ankara, Turkey, our Pet Business Developer, Francesca Susca, held a presentation titled ‘Premium hydrolyzed yeast functionalities as alternative protein source’. The aim was to show the great potential of the usage of high-quality yeast and yeast derivatives products in pet nutrition through a special focus on a specifically designed non-GMO Saccharomyces cerevisiae hydrolyzed yeast able to offer highly digestible proteins and bioavailable nutrients while contributing to enhancing pet food palatability.

If you want to read more about Francesca’s presentation and the potential of hydrolyzed yeast in pet nutrition, download the abstract here!

Published Nov 29, 2022

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