Silage inoculant, quick fermentation and improved stability: LALSIL COMBO

LALSIL COMBO contains homofermentative and heterofermentative profile bacteria that lead to optimal acidification and aerobic stability.

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LALSIL COMBO is the combination of an “acidifying” bacteria and the “stabilizing” Lactobacillus buchneri NCIMB 40788. This combination of silage inoculants is designed to stabilize the pH after opening of the silo and decrease fermentation losses and aerobic spoilage on high moisture corn and sugar-rich grasses. LALSIL COMBO has the capacity to convert the sugars in forage into large amount of lactic acid. L. buchneri has the ability to metabolize the lactic acid into powerful antifungal agents such as acetic acid and propylene glycol.


  • Rapid and strong acidification in the silo
    • Inhibits proteolytic Clostridia
    • Reduces dry matter loss
  • Improves aerobic stability at opening
    • Inhibition of yeasts and molds helps reduce dry matter loss, nutrient loss and mycotoxin risks.


LALSILLALSIL COMBO is a water dispersible white powder manufactured with HC technology. The required dilution may vary depending on the intended application. Please consult your local representative before use.

LALSIL COMBO is available in two packaging sizes: 50g and 100g, applied at 1g/ton of fresh material.

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