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Lallemand Animal Nutrition launches LALPROBIOME for Pet well-being

Lallemand Animal Nutrition launches LALPROBIOME for Pet well-being

We are proud to announce the launch of LALPROBIOME, our new platform of innovative microbial solutions tailored for pets. The new brand offers a broad range of yeast and bacteria-based solutions including prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics and antioxidants. From digestive care to immune support, antioxidant optimization to cognitive function, LALPROBIOME offers a broad range of specific solutions allowing for petfood, treat, and supplement customization and differentiation.

Our company is a global leader in the selection and application of microbial strains to address nutrition and well-being of human and animals. We’ve capitalized on this legacy to bring LALPROBIOME to the petfood market. LALPROBIOME leverages the natural power of yeast and bacteria with cutting edge science to support pet health and well-being.

She added:

We understand that every business is unique, which is why we’re thrilled to launch LALPROBIOME. This gives our customers the ability to elevate and differentiate their brands with novel ingredients that support unique and specific benefits. LALPROBIOME products have been exhaustively tested for safety and efficacy, providing customers with proven, healthy products.

Lallemand’s LALPROBIOME solutions can bring benefits such as:

  • Digestive care
  • Immune support
  • Antioxidant optimization
  • Nutritional optimization
  • Palatability
  • Well-being (gut-brain axis)

Published Oct 5, 2023

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