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Industry testimonial: “Lallemand is a science-based company that is strong on innovation“

Industry testimonial: “Lallemand is a science-based company that is strong on innovation“

Spin Colombia – Eduardo Bernal

Spin Colombia is a company founded in 2009 that distributes Lallemand solutions in Colombia.

How long have you been working with Lallemand Animal Nutrition’s products?

“Nine years.”

Can you tell us a bit about the animal nutrition market in Colombia and your route-to-market for Lallemand solutions?

“It is a market that grows steadily year after year. It relies heavily on feed companies. The main species are broilers, layers, swine, dairy cattle, pets, and horses. There is a slow decrease in antibiotic growth promoters. People are testing and developing alternative formulations to reduce, or stop, the use of antibiotics. They are testing alternatives.

We promote Lallemand products at the end-user level but also at a feed producer level and towards premix producers. We try to demonstrate the economic benefit of Lallemand’s solutions with demonstration trials.”

Why did you choose to work with Lallemand Animal Nutrition? What do you like about your partnership with Lallemand?

“Lallemand is a science-based company that is strong on innovation. The company keeps conducting scientific trials to further document the benefits of its products. Lallemand has in its core values the production of safe food. They are always ready to help, there’s no bureaucracy.”

In your opinion, what differentiates Lallemand from other companies?

“Solid science and consistent recommendations for the products. Some companies, in order to adjust the cost, would reduce the recommended dosage. This is not the case with Lallemand, it does not manipulate the inclusion level of the products. Moreover, the company provides excellent supporting materials.”

Published Jul 22, 2020

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