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Innovative yeast derivatives benefit weanling piglet performance and immunity under challenging conditions

Innovative yeast derivatives benefit weanling piglet performance and immunity under challenging conditions

At the American Dairy Science Association and American Society of Animal Science Midwest Meeting in Omaha, March 11-13, Lallemand Animal Nutrition presented a new study on piglet immunity.

The study presented by Fernando BRAVO DE LAGUNA R&D Swine Project Leader indicates that, an innovative multi-strain yeast fractions product is able to alleviate the adverse effects of challenging sanitary conditions on weanling piglets.

The trial was conducted in South Korea in collaboration with Dankook University on 160 weaning piglets weaned at 24 days and split into two groups: control (n=80) and Supplement (n=80). The supplementation lasted for 6 weeks post weaning with a two-phase feeding program. In this trial, piglet diet supplementation with Lallemand’s multi-strain yeast fractions helped:

  • Improve growth performance: final body weight and average daily gain are significantly higher with the supplement
  • Increase dry matter digestibility, possibly as a result of better gut efficiency
  • Modulate inflammation of the intestinal mucosa triggered by the poor sanitary conditions, as shown by a reduced expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines in the gut (TNF-α, IL-6, TLR2 and INF-γ).

Bruno Bertaud du Chazaud, Yeast Derivatives Product Manager, explains:

“Our innovative multi-strain yeast fractions product has been developed from carefully selected yeast strains for its immunomodulatory power, in vitro assays have demonstrated the synergistic effect of our yeast fraction combination on the immune system, and this had been validated in other animal species (fish, pre-ruminants, broilers, shrimps, etc.). This new study shows that, in piglets under challenging conditions, this solution also shows positive immunomodulatory effects, reducing mucosal inflammation and, as a result, saving energy that is used for better growth.”

1Bravo De Laguna Fernando, Bertaud Bruno, Yong Min Kim, In Ho Kim. Effect of yeast supplementation on growth performance, nutrient digestibility and cytokines mRNA expression in weanling piglets reared under low sanitary environment.

Published Mar 14, 2019

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