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Discussing Zero Zinc future of swine production in Copenhagen

Discussing Zero Zinc future of swine production in Copenhagen

Zero use of zinc in EU pig production by 2022. What can we do? On June 17-18, Lallemand Animal Nutrition takes part in the Zero Zinc Summit in Copenhagen organized by SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre to share the latest findings in swine nutrition that can help the industry maintain production during this important transition.

Two research posters by Lallemand Animal Nutrition are presented by Fernando Bravo de Laguna, showing the benefits of yeast derivatives and live yeast probiotic on weanling piglet gut microbiota balance while reducing antibiotic and zinc oxide.1,2

In these two studies, a probiotic live yeast — Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. boulardii CNCM-I 1079 —  or an innovative yeast derivative act on several drivers, from microbial balance to immune stimulation and undesirable bacteria binding, enhancing piglet gut health and helping mitigate the challenges of this phase. More evidence to confirm these solutions can be a credible part of antimicrobial reduction strategies and fit perfectly with the challenges of the industry!

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Published Jun 16, 2019

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