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3 questions to Jean-François Hupé about TITAN technology

3 questions to Jean-François Hupé about TITAN technology

What is TITAN technology?

“TITAN is a live yeast protection technology specifically adapted for pelleted feed applications. TITAN includes a unique and patented yeast microencapsulation technology, but TITAN is not only about coating. The development of this technology is a truly integrated approach. We optimized the fermentation and drying conditions and each downstream processing steps in order to ensure optimal resistance and viability of the live yeast for customers’ applications. Then, even packaging is important. All this ensures that TITAN offers a consistent and optimal stability to our live yeast probiotics.

What are the applications of TITAN products?

“Thanks to their unique properties, TITAN live yeast products show a higher resistance to feed manufacturing processes and remain stable during feed storage when compared to other commercial live yeast products. TITAN protects live yeast against pressure, heat, moisture, and other constraints typical of feed pelleting processes, as well as against chemical compounds and redox reactions. Under drastic pelleting conditions (e.g. at least 85°C and up to 3 months storage), TITAN shows superior stability as compared to non-microencapsulated yeast products.”

Can you tell us about the technical services associated to TITAN?

“We have an international process development platform as part of our R&D department, dedicated to the process optimization and application of TITAN. Under a large variety of feed processing conditions, the feed industry can benefit from on-site support to assist them with feed process monitoring and sampling. Our partners have also access to dedicated services in terms of sample analysis and compatibility studies, for instance.”

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Published Feb 26, 2019 | Updated Nov 14, 2023