A premium source of bioavailable selenium: ALKOSEL R397

ALKOSELR397 is an inactivated yeast enriched with selenium (Se), authorized in the EU as a nutritional feed additive (ID number 3b811 – more information here).

Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims in all regions.

ALKOSELR397 is packaged in 25 kg bags.

Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims in all regions.

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Product Description

Product details

Its production process is similar to the incorporation of organic selenium into plants. Like plants, the specific yeast strain used in ALKOSELR397 (Saccharomyces cerevisiae NCYC R397) absorbs inorganic selenium and converts it into organic selenium, mainly into selenomethionine and selenocysteine.

ALKOSELR397 offers guaranteed and proven quality and can be used in all animal species.

How it works

how alkosel works
Selenium from ALKOSELR397 is absorbed through the small intestine, following the same pathways as amino acids (e.g. methionine, cysteine).


The association of several organic selenium forms in ALKOSELR397 guarantees optimal bioavailability by supporting several pathways: storage and functionality as well as protecting vital metabolic functions.

Why it matters

Selenium is an essential trace element for all animal species.

It is the cofactor of Glutathione peroxidase (GPx), one of the main antioxidant enzymes, which are able to neutralize the negative effect of oxidizing compounds, limit the cellular oxidative stress induced by the reactive oxygen species, and to protect cells from damage and death.

As the selenium content of most raw materials is often very low, animal feed should be supplied with extra dietary selenium to avoid the severe consequence of selenium deficiency.


ALKOSELR397 is produced to ensure optimal flow during industrial feed processes and a homogenous repartition into premixtures and compound feeds. It is compatible with most ingredients and additives used in the manufacture of feeds.

Shelf life

ALKOSELR397 can be kept for 36 months from the date of production when kept in its original, unopened packaging in a cool and dry place.

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