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Ep. #6 | Nutritional approaches to improve pig health, with Pierre Lebreton

Xixi Chen, Ph.D., expert in animal nutrition, interviews Pierre Lebreton, Monogastrics Technical and Marketing Manager at Lallemand Animal Nutrition. In this episode, Lebreton explains how nutrition can contribute to better pig herd health. He highlights several nutritional approaches from modulation of the gut microbiome to the management of oxidative stress and the proper selection of fiber. Nutritionists have the keys to improving pig production and health with more flexibility in diet formulation and the use of specific ingredients. These nutritional approaches are even more interesting in the post-African Swine Fever context and when looking for more sustainable practices such as the reduction of therapeutic dosage of zinc oxide that is happening in some parts of the world. Lebreton also discusses the latest updates in animal nutrition research and practices in Europe.

Published Dec 19, 2022 | Updated Apr 29, 2023