Establishing normal gut flora: a unique tool to help exclude undesirable bacteria in modern poultry production systems

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Gut health is one of the most important pillars of a bird’s performance, not only supporting an optimal conversion of nutrients into final products such as meat and eggs but also having a key role in maintaining bird health and welfare.

Discover in this 5-page white paper our Competitive Exclusion product able to optimize the chick’s microbiota to withstand all further challenges and to influence the performance and health of the animal.

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The bacterial threat in poultry

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Microbiota establishment in chicks: a crucial step for future flock health

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What is the Competitive Exclusion concept, its mode of action and benefits

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The efficacy of AVIGUARD against avian pathogens Escherichia coli, Necrotic Enteritis and Salmonella

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Selection has highly improved productivity and poultry are becoming increasingly at risk for bacterial infections. Birds serve thus as major reservoirs for foodborne pathogens which reside as common groupings in the gastrointestinal tract.

Applied to poultry production, our Competitive Exclusion concept describes the protective effect of a normal healthy intestinal microflora against transient pathogenic bacteria.

AVIGUARD helps not only to establish but also to maintain or even restore a balanced microflora, after all kinds of challenges the birds will face throughout their life.

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Published Sep 2, 2021 | Updated Nov 1, 2023