Explore our program for gut health management in piglets under reduced use of veterinary medicinal products such as antibiotics and zinc oxide

At weaning, piglets face multiple stresses over a short period. Gut functions are affected, which may lead to digestive troubles and reduced performance, especially when aiming to reduce the use of antibiotics to fight against antibiotic resistance and when the use of zinc oxide as veterinary medicinal products (VMP) is at stake. Maintaining piglet health requires a multifactorial approach combining environmental, nutritional, piglet quality, and gut health strategies.

Lallemand Animal Nutrition’s outside-in approach helps maintain piglet health during the weaning transition

Lallemand Animal Nutrition offers a complete range of probiotics, yeast derivatives, antioxidants, and animal housing solutions to help maintain piglet health during this challenging time. Used alone or in combination, Lallemand Animal Nutrition solutions are scientifically documented and field-tested to improve piglet performance.

Why choose Lallemand program?

As a global leader and pioneering expert in yeast and bacteria selection and production, Lallemand Animal Nutrition has developed a specific approach to help nutritionists and producers address the main challenges of animal production. Our natural solutions – which are integrated into feeding programs, environmental solutions and associated with good management practices – can help maintain good piglet health. this is especially important within the context of reduced use of VMP such as antibiotics and zinc oxide. Reducing the use of antibiotics is key in the fight against antibiotic resistance. The use of zinc oxide as a VMP is currently debated in several countries and the European Union. Our technical experts will help you implement the best strategy according to your goals and your specific situation.

How to maintain piglet health and reduce the need for antimicrobials?

  1. Manage external microbial pressure with appropriate biosecurity measures
  2. Improve piglet quality at weaning by paying attention to sow nutrition and farrowing conditions
  3. Favor a resilient piglet gut microbiota and properly manage intestinal inflammation
  4. Stimulate feed intake by increasing palatability
  5. Reinforce piglets’ natural defenses and immunity
  6. Provide quality, highly digestible, functional proteins and nutrients

Key figures about piglet challenges around weaning

Up to-250g/day
body weight loss post weaning
antibiotic usage in all livestock by 2030 in the EU
ban on the use of therapeutic doses of ZnO in the EU

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