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Lallemand Animal Nutrition extends its bacteria production capacity with energy efficient equipment

Lallemand Animal Nutrition extends its bacteria production capacity with energy efficient equipment

To meet increasing market demand for live bacteria used in probiotics and silage inoculant applications, Lallemand Animal Nutrition completed the extension of its U.K.-based bacteria production facility. The new facility offers a 150% increase in fermentation capacity and doubles the packaging capacity. In addition, it enables more sustainable production by reducing the company’s energy bill.

Prefermenters and a bacteria freeze-dryer

Jonathan Wiffen, Operations Director for Lallemand Animal Nutrition, explains:

“The plant extension was a great opportunity for us to modernize and improve our production facilities. Freeze-drying and fermentation are delicate and energy-intensive processes — but are required to ensure the optimal quality and shelf life of our live bacterial products. Replacing all of our aged freeze-driers and optimizing the full production process has allowed us to reduce our energy consumption by 20%.

Gary Cartwright, Malvern plant manager added:

Our packaging and labeling line has doubled in capacity and is becoming more automated, which also contributes to significantly increase efficiency. We can ensure we meet our customer needs in a more sustainable way.”

The live bacteria produced in Malvern’s plant are included in Lallemand Animal Nutrition products such as the probiotic BACTOCELL, silage inoculants in the MAGNIVA range, and the animal environment solutions LALFILM PRO and MANURE PRO.

yannig le treut ceo lallemand animal nutrition“This is a great achievement for our bacteria production as these energy savings and productivity improvements come at the right time to help cushion the current global increase in raw material and energy costs and will help limit the impact on finished product prices for our customers,” added Yannig Le Treut, General Manager for Lallemand Animal Nutrition.

Published Jul 10, 2022 | Updated May 29, 2023

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