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Fiber digestion kinetics: How fibrolytic dynamics are integrated into diet formulation software?

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Speakers: Dr. Frederique Chaucheyras-Durand, Research Manager, Lallemand Animal Nutrition – INRAe and Dr. Emiliano Raffrenato, Consultant at RUM&N – NDS Professional and Assistant Professor, University of Padova

Key points:

  • Rumen microbes produce volatile fatty acids (VFAs), which are converted into energy by the animal. Optimizing the rumen microbial populations, or microbiota, can help increase diet digestion and forage utilization, allowing the animal to increase milk or meat conversion and production efficiency.
  • Testing and analysis can help determine forage and concentrate ration components. Nutrient needs and digestion kinetics can then be modeled in dynamic and advanced nutritional software, like NDS. Nutritionists can balance the animal’s ration to maximize nutrient utilization for optimal performance.
  • The rumen-specific live yeast strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-1077 (LEVUCELL SC) has been proven to positively influence the digestion kinetics of fiber components in the ration that can be modelized and predicted into formulation software such as NDS.

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Published Sep 17, 2023 | Updated Oct 22, 2023

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