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The TITAN challenge: adapting to ever-changing feedmill constraints

The TITAN challenge: adapting to ever-changing feedmill constraints

A new stability trial conducted by an independent institute, the International Research Association of Feed Technology (IFF) in Germany, confirms that TITAN, our unique patented yeast protection technology remains at the top of the game when it comes to withstanding stringent pelleting conditions. The new trial used more drastic conditions compared to previous studies, which also demonstrated better survival of the live yeast compared to competitive products. These findings indicate that TITAN-protected yeasts are adapted to ever-changing feed mill constraints.

The new data complement many other pelleting trials conducted under different conditions, either in laboratories or in industrial feed mills, showing consistent stability results (Figure 1).

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Figure 1: Various trials showing the consistent capacity of TITAN yeast to resist various pelleting conditions (standardization of the expected counts to 107 CFU/g to facilitate comparison).

Why does probiotic yeast need protection?

The viability of a probiotic is a key parameter to ensure its metabolic activity once ingested by the animal. Many experts insist that probiotics must be alive and viable to exert an effect on the microflora within the digestive system. Indeed, several national authorities will only authorize a claim for performance (such as improved milk production or feed efficiency) when the probiotic microorganism is viable. For example, the European Commission considers microorganisms as probiotic feed additives only in their live form. Today, the increased demand for pelleted feed, coupled with increasingly stringent feed mill processes, could limit the inclusion of probiotic yeast in this form of feed. This is why Lallemand continues to invest in process development to ensure that TITAN, its unique patented yeast protection technology, remains at the top of the game when it comes to withstanding stringent pelleting conditions.


The stress of pelleting

When selecting a probiotic yeast, it is crucial to ensure the live yeast will: survive feed or premix processing; tolerate the combination of other ingredients; and endure storage prior to reaching the animal. Feed manufacturing processes are constantly evolving to answer market needs and safety challenges. Feed pelleting processes represent many stress factors for live yeast, such as temperature, pressure, and/or moisture. For example, yeast stability depends on the die temperature during the pelleting process, but also on the die compression, conditioner temperature, and process duration.


Data on TITAN stability

An analysis was conducted in 2017 by the IFF to compare the stability and the resistance of a TITAN live yeast form to other commercial yeast sources under different pelleting conditions. This study showed that only TITAN yeast remains stable throughout the various pelleting processes (at least 85°C). In 2021, the same institute conducted a new stability study using even more stringent conditions and comparing the stability of TITAN yeast to non-coated forms of other live yeast products marketed for use in pelleted feed. In this new trial, pelleting conditions were more challenging than in the 2017 trial with a higher conditioner temperature and increased die compression (5/80 die in 2021 vs. 5/50 die in 2017).


What is TITAN?

titan technology lallemand animal nutritionTITAN is a live yeast protection technology adapted for pelleted feed applications that have been developed by Lallemand Animal Nutrition. TITAN includes a unique and patented yeast microencapsulation technology. In addition to this unique coating, the production process of TITAN includes specific adaptation of the live yeast fermentation and drying conditions, as well as downstream processing, steps up to packaging to ensure optimal resistance and viability of the live yeast in customer applications. As a result, TITAN offers consistent and optimal stability to Lallemand Animal Nutrition live yeast probiotics during industrial feed processing steps and through feed storage.

Published Jan 11, 2022 | Updated May 29, 2023

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