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Yeast cell walls are not limited to MOS

Yeast cell walls are not limited to MOS

Yeast cell walls (YCW) are the insoluble fraction of autolyzed or hydrolyzed yeasts, obtained after the separation from the cytoplasmic content. They are sometimes referred to as “MOS”, but it is a misnomer! YCW are not limited to mannan oligo-saccharides (MOS), which represent the external layer of the YCW, there is also the internal layer rich in β-glucans.

YCW products have four main modes of action that strongly depend on the production process and the strain background.


Yeast cell wall composition and architecture

  1. Help limit the development of undesirable bacteria thanks to their binding capacity,
  2. Favor the development of beneficial microorganisms (prebiotic effect),
  3. Modulate the innate immune system of animals,
  4. Help reduce the negative impact of mycotoxins from the feed thanks to specific interactions between certain mycotoxins and YCW polysaccharides.


YCW are therefore particularly indicated in all animal species to help maintain digestive health, support feed utilization and growth performance, help reinforce immune system and natural defenses, adsorb certain mycotoxin and support skin health/protection of fish.

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Published Mar 12, 2023 | Updated May 29, 2023