Today, pet nutrition is at crossroads between feed and food. Pet owners are more and more concerned about the general well-being of their favorite companions.

How can pet food and dietary supplements benefit from microbial solutions?

Dietary improvements for dogs and cats have been demonstrated to help improve pet well-being and health. Carefully selected pet nutrients can help promote good intestinal function and comfort, as well as strengthen the pet’s natural defenses against disorders including those brought about by aging, oxidative stress, and more.

Partnering in microbial solutions for pet well-being with

lalprobiome from lallemand animal nutrition

LALPROBIOME is Lallemand Animal Nutrition’s platform of innovative microbial solutions that leverage the natural power of yeast and bacteria to support pet health and well-being.

Lallemand’s decades of bacteria strain selection, development, and application in human and animal nutrition, enables LALPROBIOME to offer a broad range of microbial solutions to meet the needs of pets and their owners today and for the future.

From digestive care to immune support, antioxidant optimization to cognitive function, LALPROBIOME pet solutions can help you elevate and differentiate your brands with novel ingredients that support unique and specific benefits:

  • Help optimize the actions of the gut microflora
  • Improve pets’ defense and resistance to oxidative stress
  • Support the general immune system
  • Contribute effectively to pet oral hygiene and skin & coat care
  • Enhance petfood palatability*

The Lallemand Animal Nutrition range of pet nutrition products includes:

Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims in all regions.

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AGRIMOSAGRIMOS is a primary grown yeast cell wall that offers high, consistent and guaranteed levels of mannan oligo-saccharides and β-glucans.
FIBOSELFIBOSEL is a feed material containing selected cell wall fractions of a Saccharomyces cerevisiae baker’s yeast rich in b-1,3/1,6-glucans.
A synergistic alliance of Inactivated Yeast Fractions: YANGYANG is a combination of inactivated yeast fractions formulated and patented to support pets and farmed animal's natural defenses.

*Palatants for companion animals are substances or ingredients that are incorporated into pet foods to enhance their taste and palatability. These ingredients are essential for enticing dogs, cats, and other pets encouraging them to eat their food, and ensuring they receive the necessary nutrients for their well-being. Yeast products have been extensively demonstrated to enhance the appeal of pet foods, treats, and supplements, making them more enticing for consumption. They offer essential flavor elements that optimize the palatability of formulations while contributing to overall nutrition.
Lallemand Bio-Ingredients provides a diverse range of yeast products designed for companion animals, offering various taste profiles and functionalities to suit their specific needs.