Sil-All Maize+ FVA: fast effective fermentation for corn and sorghum silage

Sil-All Maize+ FVA is the specifically tailored solution, organic approved, for corn and sorghum silage. Its Flexible Volume Application (FVA) minimizes the downtime involved in refilling applicators.

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Product Description

Product details

This product is dedicated to:

  • Corn & Sorghum


Why choose Sil-All Maize+ FVA?

  • Faster fermentation for better DM protection
  • Increases stability at feedout
  • Offers a flexible application
  • Specific for maize and sorghum


1) Sil-All Maize+ FVA ensures fast fermentation to maximize nutrient retention.

Rapid fermentation ensures that the optimum amount of nutrients are retained when ensiling maize, reducing the need to buy expensive replacement feed.

2) Sil-All Maize+ FVA protects silage at feed out.

  • Controls stability
  • Reduces alcohol production
  • Reduces yeast action
  • Reduces DM loss

3) Sil-All Maize+ FVA improves production potential, resulting in greater farm profitability.

The Sil-All Maize+ FVA homolactic fermentation converts sugar directly to lactic acid, minimizing DM loss. The fermentation is dominated by desirable lactic acid, producing highly palatable, nutritious silage.


Pack size: 4 x 200g

Treated tons: 100T

Application: 50 mL/T up to 2 L/T

The use of Sil-All Maize+ FVA is not a substitute for good management practices.

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