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Download your copy of Bactocell eggshell quality improvement technical bulletin

Download your copy of Bactocell eggshell quality improvement technical bulletin

Egg quality is a term encompassing multiple criteria, all of which are of concern for the industry. These include shell resistance which directly affects producer income and yolk color which consumers wrongly take as an indicator of hen health status. Beyond its laying performance enhancement, BACTOCELL® has valuable effects at the gut level that can be an efficient tool for egg quality improvement.

Download our technical bulletin find out more.

What will you find inside the Bactocell eggshell quality improvement technical bulletin?

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Heavier eggs don't have to mean weaker eggs

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Bactocell increases eggshell weight and thickness

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Bactocell reduces the rate of downgrades

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The role of antioxidants in egg quality

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The use of the specific probiotic bacteria Pediococcus acidilactici CNCM I-4622 (MA18/5M), BACTOCELL® improves feed efficiency by utilising sugars which are non-digestible for the bird and producing lactic acid. The lactic acid can be used as a digestible energy source for the bird, as well as reducing gut pH which limits the development of pathogens and favours beneficial bacteria population development, as well as dietary calcium absorption.

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Published Aug 18, 2021 | Updated Jul 4, 2023