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10th Beneficial Microbes Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands

10th Beneficial Microbes Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Our microbiology experts are pleased to attend this week the 10th Beneficial Microbes Conference in Amsterdam, where three studies from Lallemand Animal Nutrition are shared. This scientific event is dedicated to “Pre- and probiotics for lifelong human and animal health”.

The 10th Beneficial Microbes Conference has started yesterday, with around 150 attendees from all over the world. We had a very refreshing time with a quite atypical networking exercise, a good preparation for the scientific exchange to come! Some interesting talks focused on citizen science projects which appear mostly relevant to successfully match scientific goals with societal goals and bring “real world” science to customers.

She concluded:

During the first day, topics mostly discussed were women’s health, mental health, aging-related disorders, all obviously focused on microbiota investigations at the gut level but not only. Lallemand was already well represented on the first day by Dr Mélanie Le Barz who presented Lallemand Human Solutions research activity on probiotics applications in the brain gut axis and women’s health.

As part of a rich program spanning human and animal research, the Lallemand Animal Nutrition Centers of Excellence share the following studies:

  • From the unique properties and specific metabolism of Saccharomyces boulardii CNCM I-1079 to probiotic effects beyond gut microbiota modulation: What impact on host metabolism and immunity?, an oral presentation by Dr Caroline Achard.
  • Transcriptomic response of Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-1077 in rumen fluid incubations confirms unique strain adaptability and capacity of interaction with key members of rumen microbiota.,a poster by Laurie Guillot (presented by Dr Chaucheyras-Durand).
  • Manure Pro conditioner improves bedding quality and bacterial composition with potential beneficial impacts for dairy cow’s health. A poster by Dr Lysiane Dunière (presented by Dr Chaucheyras-Durand).

The Beneficial Microbes Conference is a unique opportunity where scientists can learn from each other to advance the applications of beneficial microbes to support health and well-being in human and animal.

Published Nov 27, 2023 | Updated Mar 5, 2024

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