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Announcing joint development agreement with NovoBind for advanced biologics

Announcing joint development agreement with NovoBind for advanced biologics

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a collaboration agreement with Toronto based NovoBind Livestock Therapeutics Inc., the animal health biologics company.

The agreement comprises a multi-phase joint research and development program to scale-up production and conduct in-vivo trials of NovoBind’s Salmonella biologics (NBX) solution based upon single domain antibody fragments.

In addition to entering into the collaboration agreement, Lallemand is making a strategic minority equity investment into NovoBind. This investment forms part of NovoBind’s current Series A investment round.

Mathieu Castex, Research and Development Director of Lallemand Animal Nutrition said, “We are pleased to enter into this agreement with NovoBind which is part of our ongoing strategy to develop new technologies based on “solution specific microbial platforms” for animal nutrition and animal health applications. Our know-how and expertise in microbial development, production and registration will help accelerate the commercialization of NovoBind’s advanced Salmonella biologics solution.

Hamlet Abnousi, co-founder and CEO of NovoBind, commented, “We are absolutely delighted to have reached an agreement for this collaboration with Lallemand. This represents a significant step in the validation and commercialization of our proprietary NBX technology.  NovoBind seeks to partner with global leaders in the animal health and animal feed sector to bring our technology to market, to improve the quality of food in the food chain, and to reduce wastage caused by bacteria, virus, and parasites in aquatic and terrestrial livestock production. We also welcome Lallemand’s participation as a shareholder in NovoBind”.

About NovoBind

NovoBind is an Animal Health company using a proven biologics platform to develop precision biologics (NBXs) which are antimicrobial applications against bacteria, viruses, and parasites in animals. NovoBind solutions are being developed for inclusion in standard feed for terrestrial and aquaculture applications.  NBXs are naturally sourced, biologically produced, Non-GMOs, that specifically target and neutralize “bad actors”.

NovoBind’s developmental NBXs currently target pathogens which cause an aggregate annual loss of USD $22 billion to poultry, shrimp and companion animal sectors.

Published Jun 25, 2019

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