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Ep. #2 | Protect producers against high feed costs: Unlock fiber’s potential to improve feed efficiency, with Angel Aguilar, Ph.D

Editor Emmy Koeleman is interviewing Angel Aguilar, Ph.D., Dipl. ACAN, Director of Employee Training and Development for Ruminant Feed Additives at Lallemand Animal Nutrition. In this episode, Dr. Aguilar presents different tips and tools to support producers and nutritionists as feed costs fluctuate.

Recently, we’ve seen tremendous increases. Feed efficiency is a key driver to maximizing Income-Over-Feed Costs to maintain producers’ income and support a sustainable farming system. Dr. Aguilar talks about the different strategies that can exist at the producer and nutritionist levels to improve feed efficiency and global costs of the diet. He will explain how improving fiber digestibility is one way to improve feed efficiency in extracting more from forage — one of the cheapest ingredients of the total diet. He will also talk about precision feeding and the new tools available to help to formulate during variable raw material markets. Finally, Dr. Aguilar discusses how the industry can continue supporting a more sustainable way to produce meat and milk thanks to improvements in feed efficiency.

Published Sep 26, 2022 | Updated Apr 29, 2023