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Ep. #3 | Making quality silage, from the field to the silo, with Luis Queiros

Xixi Chen, Ph.D., expert in animal nutrition, interviews Luis Queiros, Global Category Manager for Forage Inoculants at Lallemand Animal Nutrition. In this episode, Luis explains that making quality silage requires a multi-faceted approach, in which harvesting times, bunker/silo, and ensiling management are critical when trying to produce the highest quality silage. Queiros explains that with purchased feeds cost at elevated levels, producers need to make better use of homegrown forages. Making better quality silage with higher energy and protein levels can help producers take control of these costs. He talks through key management strategies and procedures which help ensure forages have the best nutritional levels of fibre digestibility, protein, and sugar or starch levels. Then goes on to focus on how to ensure as much of the nutritional value of the forage is maintained through the ensiling period to feedout and explains which forage inoculant is more appropriate depending on the challenges faced.

Published Oct 17, 2022 | Updated Apr 29, 2023