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Ep. #5 | From sow to piglets, opportunities to improve productivity, with Yannig Le Treut, DVM

Xixi Chen, Ph.D., expert in animal nutrition, interviews Yannig Le Treut, DVM, President and General Manager at Lallemand Animal Nutrition. In this episode, the experts review the main opportunities and strategies to improve pig production. It all starts with the sow. Le Treut highlights the current challenges in sow and piglet production. He then gives some tips to improve piglet quality at birth and milk production and the lifetime performance of sows. Through proper management of the sows, Le Treut demonstrates better long-term performance and sustainable growth can be achieved. Several strategies are discussed including improving feed intake, heat stress management, flexibility in the diet formulation, addition of specific functional ingredients, sow body condition, and gilt management. Improving productivity can also lead to more sustainable practices such as immunity management; reducing antibiotic and disinfectant use; as well as biofilm and animal environment management.

Published Nov 28, 2022 | Updated Apr 29, 2023