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Lallemand’s hydrolyzed yeast offers unmatched protein digestibility kinetics

Lallemand’s hydrolyzed yeast offers unmatched protein digestibility kinetics

In 2022, Lallemand Animal Nutition introduced to the market YELA PROSECURE, a specifically designed hydrolyzed yeast. YELAPROSECURE was developped to offer highly digestible and functional nutrients that support animal performance, digestive care and feed palatability while contributing to the feed protein balance. Recent research confirm that this feed ingredient offers great potential as a functional protein source thanks to its superior kinetics of protein digestibility, when compared to other protein sources.

Why look at protein absorption kinetics?

Figure 1. Kinetics of protein absorption: key parameters for protein functionalities

Protein digestibility of feed materials is important information for nutritionists, but it does not include timing of absorption in the gut.

The kinetics of protein absorption should be considered, too. It allows nutritionists to properly assess the quality of the protein source. Many properties and functionalities of proteins are related to their absorption kinetics.

he kinetics of protein absorption helps categorize the protein fraction according to its speed of absorption. Four categories can be defined as flash, fast, slow and resistant along the digestive tract (Figure 1).

Supplying animals with flash and fast digestible protein sources rich in free amino acids and small peptides will help them absorb and use those nutrients easily. This is particularly of interest when applied to the diets of young animals as their digestive tract is not yet mature.

A source of highly digestible and quickly absorbed proteins

YELA PROSECURE’s kinetics of protein absorption has been analyzed with the Boisen method (Figure 2). YELA PROSECURE’s protein digestibility starts at 77% at the beginning of the intestinal phase (right after the stomach) and increases to 94% after 48 hours.

Moreover, YELA PROSECURE is close to its maximum in vitro digestibility after three hours of intestinal digestion, meaning that 90.5% of the protein content of YELA PROSECURE has flash and fast digestibility kinetics. The proteins from YELA PROSECURE are, therefore, highly bioavailable for the animals.

Figure 2. YELA PROSECURE: kinetics of protein digestibility (Lallemand Animal Nutrition, Internal data, 2022)

A superior kinetic of absorption compared to other feed materials

Based on the same method, eight feed materials were assessed for protein digestibility and kinetics of absorption: whey protein concentrate, blood plasma, soybean meal, fish meal, soy protein concentrate, potato protein concentrate, whole-cell inactivated yeast, and the hydrolyzed yeast YELA PROSECURE (Figure 3).

When compared to these feed materials, YELA PROSECURE shows interesting kinetics of protein digestibility. One direct result of that is a negligible amount of non-digested protein reaching the lower gut. These properties are linked to the well-controlled hydrolysis process involved in the production of YELA PROSECURE, which makes the protein highly available and quickly absorbed. This is of particular interest for young animals and during stressful periods, at a time when nutritionists are looking for highly digestible protein sources with quick kinetics of protein absorption, which supply free primary and secondary amino acids.

Figure 3. Kinetics of protein digestibility of various protein sources (Lallemand Animal Nutrition, Internal data, 2022)

YELA PROSECURE is a feed material (Regulation (EU) No 68/2013) that can be used in all animal species.

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Published Feb 9, 2023 | Updated May 29, 2023


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