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Live yeast benefits transition dairy cows

Live yeast benefits transition dairy cows

The transition period around calving is the most challenging time in the production cycle of dairy cows.

Numerous international trials have measured the benefits of feeding Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-1077 (LEVUCELL SC) during transition. When fed 30 days before calving as part of a daily ration, the live yeast supports high energy levels in early lactation. The average effect is of an extra 1.1 kg of milk (around 3%) in continuous usage (De Ordnanza et al., 2010), and the average performance effects right after calving are:

  • + 2.3 kg/day of milk,
  • + 0.7 kg/d for body weight,
  • + 1.5 kg for dry matter intake (DMI), which limits energy deficiency during this critical period.

When converted into energy milk, the live yeast effect reaches up to an extra 3.71 Mcal/day during transition.

infographics on how live yeast benefits transition dairy cowsIn addition to animal performance, these trials provide evidence of positive outcomes on various reproduction and welfare indicators such as:

  • Improved dry matter intake post-partum
  • Longer lying time
  • Improved pregnancy rate (+19% in the next campaign)
  • Improved fecal microbial balance
  • Lower somatic cell count in milk



Published Apr 9, 2020 | Updated May 29, 2023

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