Natural microbiota for avian species: AVIGUARD

AVIGUARD is a unique natural microbiota for avian species. It is composed of normal gut bacteria from healthy adults and specific pathogen-free (SPF) chickens.

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AVIGUARD acts by competitive exclusion.


Mode of action

The competitive exclusion mode of action is the natural phenomenon where normal healthy intestinal bacteria colonize the intestine and outcompetes potential harmful bacteria. This process involves both environmental conditions and nutrients.

To do this, the healthy microflora colonize the gut and produce a low oxygen, low pH environment, which is unfavorable for enteropathogens. As the gut is colonized by the complete microflora, there is competition for essential amino acids and sugars between anaerobes present in the normal gut microflora and enteropathogens.


AVIGUARD can be used on day-old chicks at the hatchery and on older animals at the farm level. AVIGUARD is available in different dosage packages to fit different farm sizes. Each package can be easily dissolved in fresh water each day before being administered at the recommended dosage.

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