The poultry gut houses a complex, dynamic, and essential ecosystem, involved in birds’ metabolism and performance. State-of-the-art microbial analysis techniques, including metagenomics, help understand the gut microbial composition and decipher the effect of nutritional interventions on its diversity and sensitivity to bacterial disturbances.

Discover in this 8-page white paper how our solution helps modulate the bird’s digestive microbial composition by favoring the growth of beneficial species and softening the gut dysbiosis consecutive under challenging conditions.

What will you find inside this white paper?

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How to define a healthy gut microbiota

A characterization task eased with omics
Some poultry gut microbiome assumptions
Defining the dysbiosis

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Why LEVUCELL SB is a global ally of a healthy microbiota

Fostering the microbial diversity, a gut health biomarker
Favoring the microbiota resilience
Supporting the performance under stress-inducing conditions

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The poultry-gut microbial composition is a complex but essential area of investigation when it comes to birds’ welfare and performance, as a cornerstone between feed, health, and digestion. About 1,000 different bacterial species are inhabiting the broiler caecum.

The microbiota modulation concept has beneficial incidences on the host microbiota balance and functions, documented probiotics are an asset to their host. State-of-the-art microbial analysis techniques, including metagenomics, have recently confirmed that S.c. boulardii CNCM I-1079 (LEVUCELL SB) has beneficial influences on gut microbiota composition, diversity, and sensitivity to bacterial disturbances.

LEVUCELL SB helps modulate the bird’s digestive microbial composition: it mitigates gut dysbiosis under challenging conditions and helps alleviate the consequence of stressful situations on performance.

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Published Jun 20, 2021 | Updated Nov 1, 2023

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