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Meet us at ESPN!

Meet us at ESPN!

Presenting new data on probiotics and yeast derivatives

Lallemand Animal Nutrition is proud to support the 22nd European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition (ESPN) as a silver sponsor. The event will be held June 10–13, 2019 in Gdańsk, Poland, and is organized by the Polish Branch of the World’s Poultry Science Association.

Three abstracts from Lallemand Animal Nutrition will be presented as posters and show new data on the application and modes of action of probiotic yeast1, bacteria2 and yeast derivatives3 on the performance of broilers and layers. More details will be shared during the symposium.

More than 25 delegates from Lallemand Animal Nutrition poultry R&D, technical and marketing teams — together with guests from Turkey and Asia will attend this event where the most recent advances in poultry nutrition will be shared.

The ESPN meetings, held every two years, are described the most significant forum for the exchange of information on, and discussion of, poultry nutrition issues in Europe and are one of the most influential gatherings of their kind in the word.

Christophe Paté, Global Technical and Marketing Manager, Monogastrics, for Lallemand Animal Nutrition commented:

Christophe Paté, Global Technical and Marketing Manager, Monogastrics, for Lallemand Animal Nutrition“ESPN is for us a must-attend event to both inform our team of the latest trends and research in poultry nutrition as well as share our internal research with the world. During the past decade, we have dedicated increased resources to poultry nutrition research, as shown by the growing number of Lallemand publications in this area, and we believe that our microbial-based solutions are well suited to answer some of the key challenges of broiler and layer production in the post-antibiotic era. We hope to build new contacts in the industry and scientific community during this year’s event.”

Posters presented by Lallemand Animal Nutrition:

  1. Field evaluation of the effect of live yeast on broiler performances. Demey V., Soula J.B., Sacy A.
  2. Bio-Equivalence of performance of laying hens fed different Nutrients Density diets and Dietary Probiotic. Mikulski, D., Jankowski, J. , Mikulska, M.  and Demey, V.
  3. Mannan Oligo Saccharides and its effect on broiler performance: a multi-analysis. Demey V., Barbé F.

Published Jun 3, 2019 | Updated May 29, 2023