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First edition of the Animal Microbiome Congress USA

First edition of the Animal Microbiome Congress USA

Following the success of the first Animal Microbiome Congress in London, Lallemand Animal Nutrition was proud to support the USA edition of this highly focused scientific event as sponsor and participant with several delegates from the North American team and an invited speaker. This event was a great opportunity to share insights on the role of the microbiota and potential of microbiota manipulation on animal health and performance in several animal species, from livestock to companion animals.

Dr Mathieu Castex, company’s R&D Director, gave a lecture on “Gut Microbiota Dysbiosis in post-weaning piglets; understanding the keys to health”, where he shared the latest research and scientific tools on piglet microbiota, such as a dedicated colonic fermentation in vitro model, developed with academic partners to study piglet intestinal dysbiosis around weaning and assess solutions to limit or control its occurrence. Castex concluded that “An improved understanding of piglets’ microflora before and after weaning should help identify new ways to adapt piglet production systems to a reduction of antibiotic use.”

In addition to the scientific lecture, Dr. Castex sat as a panelist in several panel discussions where experts shared their view about practical implementation and innovation in the field of animal microbiome.

The event gave food for thought to advance the understanding of animal microbiota and the highly specialized audience offered great opportunities to interact with a diverse panel of key scientists, start-ups and industry leaders. The format favored interaction between all participants for exchanges and networking opportunities.

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Published Mar 24, 2018

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