MAGNIVA Platinum: The new standard for fermentation and aerobic stability

MAGNIVA Platinum is a forage inoculant specially designed for crops with high aerobic stability challenges. It delivers unrivalled stability and flexibility for high dry matter, low sugar and high protein crops with high fermentation challenges that are prone to aerobic stability issues.

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Product Description

How it works

The unique combination of L. hilgardii CNCM I-4785, L. buchneri NCIMB 40788 and P. pentosacceus NCIMB 12455 plus enzymes provides a fresh approach to forage management, helping to preserve silage quicker, prevent heating and spoilage, increase digestibility and offer feedout flexibility.

MAGNIVA Platinum delivers a powerful and unrivalled improvement to the fermentation and aerobic stability of silage after just 15 days of fermentation, while at the same time improving long-term aerobic stability

Why it matters

Magniva platinum provides new opportunities with early opening and flexible feeding options.

Improved aerobic stability and feedout flexibility for all silages including high moisture corn (HMC) and earlage can put you in greater control of your silage quality and feed costs.

Silages and Total Mixed Rations (TMRs) made with MAGNIVA Platinum treated silage are more stable delivering more forage to feed, better intakes and improved hygienic feed quality.

To answer the needs of today’s rapid harvests and ensure uniform application of the product, MAGNIVA products contains Lallemand Stable Suspension Technology, developed by Lallemand Animal Nutrition.

  • Improved suspension characteristics when mixed with water
  • More even and consistent application
  • Does not require further mixing
  • Maintains product in suspension longer, preventing it from settling out in the applicator
  • Delivers consistent application across all forage ensiled.

Sachet sizes

MAGNIVA Platinum is available in 100 gram sachets, which treat 50 tonnes of fresh forage or 33 tonnes of HMC, and 500 gram sachets, which treat 250 tonnes of fresh forage or 167 tonnes of HMC.

Shelf life

MAGNIVA Platinum will remain viable for 24 months from date of manufacture, in original packaging, when stored in a cool (optimal < 4°C) dry place.

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