Silostop Max: 11-layer oxygen barrier film

Silostop Max is an 80 micron silage film that blocks the entry of oxygen into silage. An advanced 11-layer film, Silostop Max reduces DM losses in the upper layer, eliminates waste on the surface, and increases aerobic stability at feedout.

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Product Description


Silostop Max is an impermeable orange on black film that stops the entry of oxygen into silage.  A UV stable 80 micron multilayer oxygen barrier film, Silostop Max is light and very strong, making it easy to handle and apply. It has unique oxygen barrier (OB) properties that are proven to be over 100 times more effective than conventional silage sheeting.

Silostop Max is UV stable however is part of a 2 step system and must be protected from physical damage with SilageKeeper UV Covers, securely held in place using SealKeeper Gravel Bags. Alternatively, conventional co-extruded black/white silage film can be used to provide additional protection for the OB film. Apply Silostop Max black side down onto the silage.


  • Surface spoilage is virtually eliminated, saving money on labour to remove waste silage or worse having spoilt silage contaminate feed and impact animal production and health
  • The film clings closely to the silage surface the same as traditional Silostop Orange silage film eliminating any air space between the silage and the film.
  • Has increased strength and puncture resistance
  • Reduced labour time as its quick to use, easy to apply plastic film
  • Dy matter loss is reduced by up to 50% in the top 1 metre of silage
  • Silostop Max is ideal for challenging conditions and longer term storage of silage when combined with SilageKeeper UV Covers and SealKeeper Gravel Bags.

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