Understand your cow from within: SMAXTEC Rumen Bolus

Smaxtec is a unique, award-winning system measuring key parameters at the safest and most accurate point in the body. Inner body temperature and movement activity are monitored directly in the reticulum. SmaXtec guarantees top quality real-time data.

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Product Description


Smaxtec sets a new standard with TruRumi™ technology. With Smaxtec, you can now measure the rumination activity of your cows directly where it starts: in the reticulum. You benefit from the most precise, robust and reliable measuring method. Combined with the other Smaxtec parameters, you‘ll gain the most comprehensive knowledge about your cows and optimise your dairy farm with ease.

Understand more with Smaxtec – Health – Reproduction – Feeding. Live from the rumen.


  • Better cow and herd understanding
  • More vital animals thanks to precise health monitoring
  • Reduced usage of medication such as antibiotics
  • Increased productivity & better farm results
  • Less time-consuming routine work
  • Time- and location-independent monitoring of your animals
  • Peace of mind, as you have everything under control at all times

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