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IN THE MIX #52, Spring 2020

IN THE MIX #52, Spring 2020

Welcome to the Spring Edition of In The Mix. Well we’ve had it all so far in 2020! Whilst there’s been thousands of meme’s that characterise the start of 2020 as one we’d like to forget, the world of agriculture reminds us we work in such a dynamic and exciting industry. From forage, to aqua, to poultry, swine, and companion animals its been very busy. Despite COVID the team have continued to bring new technologies to the market and we are super excited with the release of Magniva branded forage inoculants with the new L.Hilgardii 4785 bacteria. Read on to keep up-to-date with Lallemand’s movements in the world of forage and feed ingredients.

In the mix #52


Published Sep 6, 2020 | Updated Apr 29, 2023