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IN THE MIX #54, Autumn 2021

IN THE MIX #54, Autumn 2021

Welcome to the Autumn Edition of In The Mix. What an amazing time we find ourselves in! Are we coming to the end of the pandemic with the arrival of vaccines? How long with the rain stick around? Did I grow and store enough forage (as silage) for my future proofed business? There are still a number of uncertainties in our day to day lives and we should never stop looking for solutions to make our decision making process easier. Whether it’s different bacterial strains to drive different silage outcomes that deliver more flexibility or novel biological solutions in poultry looking at biofilms and housing hygiene. It’s exciting to see the industry adopting new technology across all aspects of agriculture. Read on to keep up-to-date with Lallemand’s movements in the world of forage and feed ingredients.

In the mix #54


Published Mar 30, 2021 | Updated Apr 29, 2023