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IN THE MIX #55, Spring 2021

IN THE MIX #55, Spring 2021

Welcome to the Spring Edition of In The Mix. Despite the challenges of COVID on the urban communities the time for Rural Australia to shine is now, and shining it is. Like a beacon of light for the economy. Everything is firing, from protein prices, trade, the rain, and the property prices. The feeling in rural Australia seems as buoyant as its ever been. And records indicate this years winter is just a “good old fashioned one” in most parts. But what hides around the corner? Supply chain pressures and the prices of certain raw materials are increasing and both factors will impact our businesses. Be sure to get your planning on track from forage, to farm inputs for all sectors. Technology is gaining traction everywhere and we’re pleased to partner with SmaXtec Rumen Boluses to continue their deployment across Australian dairy farms. The uptake of the rumen specific live yeast, Levucell SC, continues at strong levels as producers look for natural solutions to improve rumen function, improve health and well being, and ultimately performance of livestock. Read on to keep up-to-date with Lallemand’s movements in the world of forage and feed ingredients.

In the mix #55


Published Aug 31, 2021 | Updated Apr 29, 2023