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IN THE MIX #56, Summer 2021

IN THE MIX #56, Summer 2021

Welcome to the Summer Edition of In The Mix. Well we thought 2020 was a rollcoaster, how’s 2021 been for you? For the team at Lallemand it’s been a full year. From our first stand at Beef Week with thousands of visitors to our multi-stakeholder site, to a booming silage season across Australia. The rains continue with a La Nina pattern now entrenched across Eastern Australia. The old adage was “make hay while the sun shines” is now “make silage whilst you have excess feed, future proof your business”. SmaXtec, our live rumen bolus monitoring device continues to gain traction and we’re seeing dairy farmers learn the real value of temp, activity and rumination monitoring delivering early intervention strategies for cows. It’s amazing. What will 2022 bring? Who knows? But the team at Lallemand are ready to help you make more money on your farm.

In the mix #56


Published Dec 9, 2021 | Updated Apr 29, 2023