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IN THE MIX 58, Spring 2022

IN THE MIX 58, Spring 2022

Welcome to another edition of In The Mix. As the world sits still in its chair looking at the cards on the table, its no wonder the markets are on edge. The world seems nervous, as do the Australian markets. With geopolitical tension high, global inflation and recession concerns, the La Nina threepeat, Foot and Mouth on the doorstep, Lumpy Skin Disease coming, chronic staff shortages, and even Varroa mite it seems we have a lot coming at us. Its putting continued pressure on biosecurity – imports, pricing and supply chain. Be sure to know the best strategy moving forward will be one of productivity over your compatriot. The use of sound elements of forage planning, technology, biological nutrition and technical support in your business is critical. The ITM is a great source of information. Be sure to contact one of the team!

In the mix #58


Published Sep 4, 2022 | Updated Apr 29, 2023