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IN THE MIX 60, Autumn 2023

IN THE MIX 60, Autumn 2023

Welcome to 2023! Its fast disappearing so now is the time to plan and make it happen. 2022 saw such a variety in our climate from one end of Australia to the other. Rest assured I don’t think this is going to change. Change is the only constant, right? This edition of ITM is full again of some great stories, all with a bacteria / microbiome feel to it. From manure treatments in barns, silage bacteria remaining stable in suspension, to rumen specific live yeast managing the rumen microbiome, to even devices that help us manage cows better with water intake. Remember, 2023 is going fast, plan now and act now, secure the future with decisions you make today.

In the mix #60


Published Mar 30, 2023 | Updated Apr 29, 2023