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Understanding rumen function technical seminar


Highlighting the advances that have been made in ruminant nutrition.

More than 70 livestock nutritionists and consultants were treated to a showcase of research and technology for managing rumen health at this year’s Lallemand Animal Nutrition Rumen Health Seminars held in Toowoomba and Melbourne recently.

This year’s program featured speakers from Canada, USA, Ireland and Australia, who presented new ideas about reducing the incidence of acidosis in early lactation; applying the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System (CNCPS) to forage-based diets; the importance of physical effective fibre on digestibility, dry matter intake and cow health; and how forage testing is the cornerstone of providing consistent, high quality and cost-effective rations.

“A well-functioning rumen is the key to optimising cow health, fertility, production and ultimately, the profitability of any dairy enterprise,” Lallemand Animal Nutrition Country Manager, Alex Turney, says.

“These seminars allowed everyone to brush up on their current knowledge and to learn about new research and technologies about rumen health.

“Just as importantly, it provided an opportunity for participants to network with their industry peers.”

Speaking at the event this year was:

The seminar also saw the launch of Lallemand Animal Nutrition ‘Cleanfeed’ initiative.

“Cleanfeed is an integrated approach that ties animal well-being, performance and environment together,” Alex says.

“This starts with using strain-specific forage inoculants to optimise fermentation and reduce wastage and then protecting nutritional quality with the use of oxygen barrier film, reusable UV covers and environmentally-friendly gravel bags during storage.

“The next step is optimising rumen function using strain-specific probiotics, yeast derivatives and antioxidants so your cattle can make the best use of that silage.

“Finally, it’s important to create a beneficial microbial environment in the livestock premises to prevent the build-up of undesirable pathogens, to reduce or ideally eliminate odours and to facilitate the efficient composting of manure and bedding material.

“Lallemand has scientifically-proven solutions that can be used at every stage of the Cleanfeed process.”

Published Jul 16, 2023 | Updated Jul 20, 2023

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