Did you know? Microorganisms are everywhere! This is also true when it comes to animal surroundings. All surfaces of a farm building and its equipment are colonized by microorganisms, mostly in the form of biofilms.

In this 6-page white paper, you will discover a new tool to increase farm biosecurity: the positive biofilm concept. The idea is to apply beneficial bacteria that are able to form a positive biofilm along the farm surfaces just after disinfection and prior to the entry of new animals.

What will you find inside this white paper?

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The positive biofilm concept: what are we talking about?

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On-farm applications: results of poultry and piglet trials

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A scientifically supported concept: in vitro studies

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Farm biosecurity measures — including cleaning, disinfection, and application of sanitary breaks — impact the level of infection pressure before new animals enter the barn. Integrating a positive biofilm approach is shown to be an effective tool to complement these measures.

It helps install a positive microbial environment after the disinfection step and during the batch. This has been shown in commercial farm settings to improve the animal’s microbial environment with a positive impact on animal health. As a result, production performance is improved. In addition, in vitro data show that the positive biofilm approach can help to avoid the re-colonization of undesirable bacteria commonly found in farm environments.

In today’s health context, ensuring a safe microbial environment during the whole production cycle is a must, and new approaches to biosecurity that combine disinfection and a virtuous microbial ecosystem management approach are very promising!

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Published Sep 8, 2022 | Updated Nov 1, 2023


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