Specific live yeast: LEVUCELL SC

LEVUCELL SC (Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-1077) improves herd performance across all production stages for milk-type and meat-type ruminants: dairy cows, ewes, goats, lamb for fattening, and beef cattle.

Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims in all regions.


Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims in all regions.

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Product Description

How it works

The strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-1077 was selected from thousands of yeast strains for its capacity to maximize energy, improve rumen pH- reducing the risk of Sub Acute Ruminant Acidosis (SARA) – aid rumen development and increase fiber digestibility.

Once the yeast is in the rumen, it interacts with its microbial population (bacteria, fungi, and protozoa), fiber, and starch in an anaerobic environment. This contributes to enhancing rumen functions, leading to:


1. Early rumen development

  • LEVUCELL SC accelerates the establishment of the rumen microbiota
  • LEVUCELL SC improves the development of the rumen papillae


2. Increased rumen pH, reducing the risk of acidosis

lsc increases rumen pH, reducing the risk of acidosis

  • LEVUCELL SC helps stimulate the detoxifying action of lactate-utilizing bacteria (Megasphaera elsdenii, and  Selenomonas ruminantium)
  • LEVUCELL SC helps reduce the time under rumen acidosis (by threefold compared to control)
  • LEVUCELL SC helps limit lactate producing bacteria (Streptococcus bovi) when carbohydrates levels are high*
    * variable threshold depending on the ruminant species and production steps.



3. Improved fiber degradation

lsc helps increase fiber degradation

  • LEVUCELL SC stimulates fiber colonization by cellulolytic bacteria and fungi
  • LEVUCELL SC helps foster fibers degradability of more than 200 different forages
  • LEVUCELL SC helps increase fiber degradation with a positive effect on energy corrected milk


Why it matters

Get more power out of the rumen!

The objective of modern dairy and beef – and small ruminant – production is to provide consumers with high-quality milk and meat – while maximizing income over feed cost – naturally.

As part of a daily ration, LEVUCELL SC rumen specific live yeast has been proven to:

  • Accelerate early rumen development of young ruminants
  • Increase rumen pH
  • Help improve fiber digestion
  • Create a more anaerobic environment in the rumen

LEVUCELL SC can help farmers produce more, higher quality milk and meat – and make more money.


Milk-type animals – dairy cows, goats, and sheep

Beginning three weeks prior to calving – and all through lactation – LEVUCELL SC demonstrates significant and consistent improvements in milk yield and feed efficiency (+3%* to +7%** in dairy cows).

LEVUCELL SC maximizes feed digestibility with increased energy per kilogram of feed intake.

LEVUCELL SC excels during rumen challenged conditions, improving visible indicators such as eating behavior, body condition, and cleanliness.

lsc increases rumen pH, reducing the risk of acidosis

* Global Meta-analysis, De Ondarza and Sniffen, 2010
** Representative results under rumen challenged conditions


Meat-type animals – beef cattle

At each stage of beef development, LEVUCELL SC shows significant improvements in average daily gain (ADG) and feed efficiency (+3% to +6%).

It excels during rumen-challenging periods by improving visible signs such as eating behavior, nervousness, and cleanliness.

levucell sc improves average daily gain in beef cattle

* Meta-analysis results (Erasmus & Leviton, 2009) performed in standard conditions
** Trials results performed under rumen challenged conditions


Young ruminants

When provided to calves or lambs in starter feeds before and after weaning, LEVUCELL SC improves feed intake and body weight – and growth homogeneity.

levucell sc improves calf growth

* Average of multiple trials: USA UC DAVIS, 2005, UK farms 2012, IRTA Spain 2015

Packaging and formulation

LEVUCELL SC is delivered in boxes of 20 kg, in two different formulations:

  • LEVUCELL SC 20: highly concentrated formulation (20 billion CFU/g) for non-pelleted or mash-feed type applications.

It should be used at the recommended feeding rate.

  • LEVUCELL SC 10 ME Titan: micro-encapsulated technology (10 billion CFU/g), for pelleted feed and minerals. It should be used at the recommended feeding rate.

Both formulations are also available in ready-to-use blends for feed premix or on-farm supplementation.