The history of Lallemand Animal Nutrition

From Baker’s yeast…

Even though the origins of Lallemand date back to the late 19th century, the company's microbiology expertise dates even further back, to 1862 in Germany.

End of the 19th century: Lallemand was founded in Montreal by a young immigrant from Alsace: Fred Shurer. Since his name was difficult to pronounce for his fellow citizens, he was nicknamed “Lallemand”, which is the French for “the German.” He kept the name and gave it to the company. In 1923, Fred started producing baker’s yeast in the Préfontaine Street plant in Montreal, which is still in operation today, to supply the North American baking industry.

1952: The Chagnon family purchased Lallemand, moving the company forward from a baker’s yeast producer to a major player in the development and production of specific yeast and bacteria strains, serving markets such as baking, beer brewing, oenology, spirits, biofuels, plant care, food, human health, pharmaceuticals, and animal nutrition. The company practically grew from yeast to become a global leader in microbial fermentation.

Today, Lallemand is globally present with more than 30 yeast and bacteria production plants. With more than 4,500 employees around the world, the group has an active business presence on all five continents

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…to a leader in animal nutrition and well-being

lallemand animal nutrition yeast fermenter

Lallemand entered the animal nutrition sector in the late 1980s, with the production of bacteria for silage inoculants and probiotics, first in Europe, with the acquisition of the first bacteria plant of the group in France (Aurillac) in 1988.  Then, in North America with the acquisition of Milwaukee bacteria plant dedicated to animal nutrition in 1998.

Lallemand Animal Nutrition was born!

From the early days, Lallemand Animal Nutrition was driven by science, establishing its first long-lasting research partnership with INRAE team in Clermont-Ferrand dedicated to ruminant research in 1989 and growing its network of research partnerships ever since.

Today, Lallemand Animal Nutrition employs more than 400 people across all continents and is a key player in forage preservation, the nutrition and well-being of ruminants, swine, poultry, aquaculture, equine and pets, and the microbial management of the animal environment.

Some milestones in animal nutrition innovations

  • 1995: Registration of ruminant and monogastric specific probiotic strains in Europe
  • 1996: First bacteria for forage aerobic stability application (buchneri NCIMB 40788; Biotal)
  • 2008: First patented microencapsulation technology for live yeast (Titan)
  • 2009: First probiotic bacteria strain authorized in the EU for aquaculture
  • 2016: First formulated multi-strain yeast fractions product
  • 2018: First positive biofilm product developed for the animal environment
lallemand animal nutrition office in milwaukee