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Rumen environment: How does rumen pH affect rumen microbes, animal health, and diet formulation?

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Speakers: Dr. Frederique Chaucheyras-Durand, Research Manager, Lallemand Animal Nutrition – INRAe and Dr. Emiliano Raffrenato, Consultant at RUM&N – NDS Professional and Assistant Professor, University of Padova

Key points:

  • The rumen environment is a complex and dynamic system that hosts a diverse community of microorganisms that digest plant material and produce volatile fatty acids, methane, and other metabolites, various methods, such as rumen fluid sampling, pH measurement, gas production measurement, and microbial analysis can monitor it.
  • Diet formulation considers the effects of feed ingredients, additives, and processing methods on the rumen fermentation and microbial population. Rumen pH can be predicted through models in diet formulation software although the influence of the rumen pH on diet digestibility (thanks to pH adjusted kd).
  • SARA severity can be assessed thanks to rumen pH dynamics and not only average rumen pH.
  • The use of feed additives can help improve the rumen environment and animal performance by modulating the rumen pH, volatile fatty acid (VFA) production, and microbial diversity. It can be modelized to allow one to make optimal decisions when formulating diets.

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Published Jan 30, 2024 | Updated Feb 1, 2024