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Understanding the effects of the hydrolyzed yeast, YELA PROSECURE

Understanding the effects of the hydrolyzed yeast, YELA PROSECURE

The Lallemand R&D team has focused on the screening of different feed-grade yeast biomasses and on production process optimization to introduce a specifically designed, functional hydrolyzed yeast: YELA PROSECURE. A controlled hydrolysis process is applied with the addition of specifically selected exogenous enzymes, ensuring high nutrient digestibility and functionality while providing reliability in terms of quality and availability of appropriate volumes.

How does it work?

A dual-action in the gut

YELA PROSECURE provides functional nutrients with dual action: in the upper gut and in the hindgut.

1. In the upper gut, the hydrolyzed yeast provides highly digestible proteins, which offer a high level of free digestible amino acids with an early and fast absorption kinetic.

protein digestibility kinetic of different feed raw materials in vitro

Figure 1. Protein digestibility kinetic of different feed raw materials in vitro (Lallemand Animal Nutrition, internal data)

This was demonstrated through in vitro kinetic studies comparing the digestibility of YELA PROSECURE to different feed raw materials and to yeast-based competitive products (Figure 1). YELA PROSECURE is one of the faster protein sources in terms of absorption kinetic alongside whey protein concentrate. This advantage is related to the specificity of the production process applied, showing the importance of controlled hydrolysis, which makes proteins more accessible, having been lysed into free functional amino acids and small peptides that are readily and directly absorbed.



2. Once it reaches the hindgut, the remaining part of the hydrolyzed yeast consists mostly of fermentable insoluble carbohydrates, inducing a late energy release supporting fibrolytic microbial populations leading to an improvement of microbial diversity and activity, with a release of valuable short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), such as butyrate, and a decrease in proteolytic microbial compounds production, like ammonia.

The effect shows on the outside

When it comes to practical benefits at the farm level, these have been demonstrated in research and commercial farm studies confirming it is a valuable solution to improving animal performance (piglets, aquaculture, etc.) and palatability (pet food), while contributing to the feed protein balance.

YELA PROSECURE can be used in all animal species, especially during the early stages of development when digestive maturity has not yet been achieved and when providing highly digestible and quickly absorbed nutrients is key to supporting animal growth and digestive care.

yela prosecure features and benefits

To learn more about our specifically designed hydrolyzed yeast,

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Published Jul 7, 2022 | Updated May 29, 2023