Bacterial bedding conditioner for animal housing: EAZYBED PRO

EAZYBED PRO is a bedding conditioner with live bacteria and enzymes. It promotes the development of these beneficial microorganisms in the bedding, which will have subsequent benefits in maintaining animal welfare and on improving manure/slurry quality.

Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims in all regions.

EAZYBED PRO is packaged in 25 kg bags.

Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims in all regions.

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Product Description

Product details

EAZYBED PRO helps maintain bedding quality and helps improve the building environment and air quality. Also, it enhances manure and slurry consistency.

It can be applied to all types of bedding/litter and can be used as a bedding conditioner for all animal species.

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How it works

EAZYBED PRO encourages positive fermentations in the bedding/litter and manure/slurry by the inclusion of beneficial microorganisms and enzymes in the bedding material or area. It helps maintain the quality of the bedding/litter material and, therefore, maintains good housing and working conditions.

The mineral and vegetal carriers have been selected for their good moisture absorption properties as well as their “physical properties” to enable efficient and homogeneous spreading on any type of bedding material.

Why it matters

The animal environment is an important parameter to consider when looking at animal health and welfare and manure/slurry management.

Throughout the production cycle, the animal environment is subject to change. At the animals’ entry, the housing is clean and comfortable. The presence of animals and their excrements leads to an unbalanced microbial balance in the stable. As a result, the microbial ecosystem may degrade in the building, increasing the risk of infection and disease. This may impact animal health and welfare. In addition, the management of the manure and slurry will be suboptimal.


EAZYBED PRO is a concentrated combination of enzymes and bacteria on a carrier made up of vegetal and mineral ingredients.

It can be applied on any species-housing areas such as stalls, bedding, litter, and all floor surfaces like slatted floors, exercise areas, etc.

Depending on the animal species, regular weekly applications vary from 40g to 400g per animal.

Do not use it in combination with antimicrobial products like disinfectant or hydrated lime.

Shelf life

EAZYBED PRO can be kept for 18 months from the date of production when kept in its original, unopened packaging and stored in a cool, dry place.

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