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How to promote a positive microbial environment for birds, inside and out

How to promote a positive microbial environment for birds, inside and out

Poultry housing contains a complex microbial environment with potentially high pathogenic pressure. Undesirable residual bacteria present within a biofilm after disinfection can recolonise what otherwise appears to be a ‘clean’ building presenting a health risk to the newly placed chick.
Lalfilm PRO is designed to deal with this, it is a blend of bacteria selected for their ability to form a positive biofilm and promote good microflora balance within the environment. By adhering to surfaces and installing a positive biofilm within the building, it complements and provides an additional step after the cleaning and disinfection process, to create a more positive environment for bird health, welfare and growth.

Gut health

Alongside the risk of picking up negative opportunistic bacteria from the environment, birds also encounter periods of stress during their life which can negatively impact gut health and subsequent performance and well-being.

Stress Sources

Housing – Ventilation, temperature, lighting, density
Feed & Water – Composition, presentation, digestibility, distribution
Handling – Transport, arrival, vaccination, thinning

Bactocell Drink is designed to help deal with gut stress. It contains a probiotic bacterial strain which supports gut maturity and integrity, improves dietary utilisation and promotes beneficial microflora balance, especially during periods of stress. Improvements in litter quality and reduction in antibiotic usage have also been reported on farm.

Published Mar 25, 2024 | Updated Mar 26, 2024