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MANURE PRO: microbial-based solution to help manage the microbial environment of beddings and manure

MANURE PRO: microbial-based solution to help manage the microbial environment of beddings and manure

Nutrition, health, and a clean animal environment need to be considered jointly to guarantee the quality of animal production. Today, it appears that the animal environment represents an important area for progress.

A new integrated approach to animal production management

At Lallemand, we consider the farm as a sum of microbial ecosystems. The diet, the animal’s gut, the building, and the organic waste all are complex microbial ecosystems. The balance among these ecosystems is essential.

The company’s core expertise is to provide solutions that optimize those microbial communities.

For example, probiotics positively impact the digestive microflora, which leads to enhanced digestion, performance, and well-being. In the same way, forage inoculants help better control forage fermentation and preservation by orientating the microflora, etc. (figure 1).

Microbial management of farms environment ecosystems

Figure 1: Microbial management of farms environment ecosystems

Animal bedding and manure, or slurry — and the soiled floor surfaces — harbor important microbial populations. Optimizing the balance of these microbial ecosystems through building and bedding management represents a valuable solution to maintaining a safe environment for the animal while maximizing the agronomic value and the logistics of the farm’s organic waste.

MANURE PRO: Triple-action bedding and manure solution

Microorganisms are everywhere. The microbial environment of farm animals — from bedding material to manure — is key to good farm management, both in terms of animal welfare and the improved value of farm waste. Lallemand Animal Nutrition has developed a unique microbial-based solution to help manage the microbial environment of beddings and manure: MANURE PRO.

logo manure proMANURE PRO is a highly concentrated combination of live lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and Bacillus strains with lignocellulolytic enzymes, specifically formulated for bedding, manure, and/or slurry application. The objective is to influence the microbial ecosystem of bedding/litter and animal manure/slurry to favor the development of positive fermentation.

As a result, the presence of bacteria that are potentially harmful to animals and/or humans — or responsible for the production of emissions like ammonia — is better managed. In addition, the agronomic value of organic waste is maximized due to nitrogen retention and better organic waste consistency.

How does it work?

The inoculation of the bedding and/or manure/slurry with a high concentration of beneficial bacteria, in combination with enzymes, promotes the development of a positive microflora. How?

MANURE PRO mode of action

Figure 2: MANURE PRO mode of action

The enzymes work in complete synergy with the bacteria (figure 2):

  • The enzymes release fermentable sugars from lignocellulosic materials in bedding such as straw or woodchips or from organic waste.
  • The microorganisms, LAB, and Bacillus use these sugars as nutrients, allowing them to better grow.

The presence and the action of these specific bacteria positively redirect the fermentation within the bedding or manure. This is translated into benefits at three levels:

  1. Bedding quality: by favoring beneficial microorganisms, the bedding quality is maintained longer
  2. Environment: positive fermentations help maintain air quality by reducing ammonia emissions, among other benefits
  3. Maximized value: greater consistency and agronomic value of organic waste

How is it to be applied?

MANURE PRO is a water-dispersible powder with two possible application methods:

  • In a liquid form: after dilution in tepid water, MANURE PRO can be directly sprayed on bedding areas and/or on manure heaps and slurry pits (figure 3).
how to apply manure pro in a liquid form

Figure 3: How to apply MANURE PRO in a liquid form

  • Included in a bedding conditioner: MANURE PRO can be included as an active ingredient in bedding/litter conditioners, such as absorbents, adding positive microbial colonization to the bedding powder’s benefits. Lallemand Animal Nutrition may provide technical support to ensure compatibility between live bacteria and the bedding carrier.


MANURE PRO is a unique enzymatic and bacterial complex that promotes the development of beneficial microorganisms in the bedding and/or manure/slurry.

It helps maintain the bedding quality, building environment, and air quality, over the breeding period thus:

  • Maintaining animal welfare and performance
  • Improving the value of animal organic waste
  • Enhancing manure/slurry consistency


Visit our MANURE PRO product page and contact us to learn more

Or download our 6-page white paper dedicated to MANURE PRO

Published Mar 8, 2021 | Updated Jun 13, 2023

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