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Microbial solutions work for insects, too!

Microbial solutions work for insects, too!

The recent search for alternative sources of proteins for animals and humans has led to the development of insect farming. For instance, black soldier fly larvae and other insects such as Tenebrio Molitor are now mass-produced for animal feed. They are increasingly used in feed (poultry, aquaculture, etc.) and pet food. And decades before that, insect farming was developed for biocontrol, and sterile insect technologies were used for plant protection applications.

Indeed, yeast derivatives have been used to feed insects for decades. Today — to address the novel market of insects for feed — the Lallemand Animal Nutrition team is joining forces with Lallemand Bio-Ingredients to further develop microbial solutions range for insects, which already has several areas of applications on the radar. For example, trials conducted with black soldier fly larvae have shown the potential of certain yeast-based nutrients to increase production outputs for insect farming when used on top of organic food waste.

We believe that microbial solutions — whether yeast or bacteria, active or inactive — open doors to a new perspective for mass-rearing insects for production.

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Published Jul 7, 2022