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Webinar: Colostrum quality: a golden opportunity to improve piglet performance

Webinar: Colostrum quality: a golden opportunity to improve piglet performance

Experts: Mandy Nevel, Head of Animal Health and Welfare, AHDB Pork

Mark McFarland, Feed Additive Product Manager UK & Ireland, Lallemand Animal Nutrition.

Duration: 1 hour


Colostrum quality in pigs is often overlooked in the UK and Ireland, but it can have a profound effect on piglet viability and long term health. The nutrients and antiobodies found in colostrum are directly responsible for providing immunity and energy to piglets. It is only secreted by sows (and efficiently absorbed by piglets) within the first few hours after birth, meaning that swift and effective colostrum management is critical for long term piglet health.

Lallemand Animal Nutrition, in conjunction with the AHDB, held this insightful webinar on 8th & 9th June where they discussed the importance of colostrum, how it can affect your piglets farm performance and what can be done to manage it.

The webinar focused on improving colostrum quality, with practical on-farm management tips as well as the role of nutrition in sows.

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Published Jun 6, 2021 | Updated Jun 10, 2023