MAGNIVA Platinum: The new standard for fermentation and aerobic stability

MAGNIVA® Platinum increases feed value and profitability through improved dry matter recovery, nutrient retention, and aerobic stability after 15 days of ensiling.

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Product Description

What it delivers

MAGNIVA Platinum combines three strains of elite lactic acid bacteria with high-activity enzymes to lower pH, reducing dry matter losses and improving nutrient retention for enhanced feedout value.

MAGNIVA Platinum combines the patented Lentilactobacillus hilgardii CNCM I-4785 with research-backed Lactobacillus buchneri NCIMB 40788 to achieve aerobically stable silage in 15 days.

Why it matters

MAGNIVA Platinum increases feed value and operational profitability through improved dry matter recovery, nutrient retention and aerobic stability after 15 days of ensiling.

Proven results

The active strains present in MAGNIVA Platinum have shown consistent performance through laboratory and farm studies.

Proven results include:

  • Faster pH drop1
  • Increases dry matter recovery and nutrient retention1
  • Prevents heating2,3
  • Improves silage stability in as few as 15 days2
  • Increases feed efficiency4

 L. hilgardii is the newest silage inoculant technology out on the US market. MAGNIVA Platinum is the culmination of 10+ years of research and development from Lallemand Animal Nutrition and global research partnerships.

Product uses

MAGNIVA Platinum is recommended for:

  • Silages to be fed as soon as 15 days of storage
  • High moisture corn (HMC), earlage, snaplage
  • Silages to be fed during warm temperatures
  • Crops exposed to challenging field conditions that can lead to yeast and mold growth
  • Baleages and haylages over 35% dry matter (DM)
  • Corn silage above 32% DM
  • Ensiled crops that will be transported or relocated

Package size

MAGNIVA Platinum is available in the following sizes:

  • 182-gram pouch of water-soluble concentrate treats 100 tons of fresh forage or 66 tons (approximately 1,953 bushels) of high-moisture corn
  • 907-gram pouch of water-soluble concentrate treats 500 tons of fresh forage or 333 tons (approximately 9,852 bushels) of high-moisture corn

Always follow label directions: The use of any forage additive cannot be expected to overcome poor management. Proper product storage and handling are important to forage inoculant performance. Store product in a cool, dry place, and the whole package should be used at one time. Visit for the latest information on silage management practices.


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